Timer Box - 5 Outputs




    • Timer box with metal case to operate 5 different services.

    • Cabinet constructed with 1.2 mm thick metal and exterior finish by with epoxy paint.

    • Allows the use of legal coins or tokens.

    • Programmable time from 1 second to 24 hours for each different output.

    • Programmable price from $0,25 to $20 when using coins, or 1 to 10 coins when using tokens.

    • Time is accumulated for each new coin or token into the selected service.

    • Drawer with capacity for 500 coins.

    • Internal coin and token counter.

    • Set whether you want to save the active time before an outage or not.

    • Internal sound alarm activates before the time finish.

    • All parameters (price, time, counters) are programmed with two internal buttons.

    • Includes programming manual, wiring diagram and 220V cable necessary for installation.


    Some of the most common applications:

    • Car washes.

    • Showers in public toilets.

    • Lights on tennis and soccer courts.

    • Sunbeds.

    • Washers and dryers.

    • TVs.

    • Treadmills.

    • Air conditioners.

    • Computers.

    • Gaming consoles (XBOX, PlayStation, Wii, etc.)

    • And any other service that is marketed by fractions of time and requires a prepayment system.












Dimensions: 200 mm (width) X 320 mm (height) X 180 mm (depth)

Weight: 5,6 kg.

Power Supply: 220AC Volts +/- 5%


• Includes schema and connection cable required for installation.