Compact universal timer with display





The timer is activated with a single pulse. This pulse can be sent with a button, a coin acceptor, an optic sensor or any other device that sends a single pulse.
Once the pulse is detected, the relay remains on until the timer runs out.The time and price can be changed with two buttons that are built into the board. Time is accumulated for each income pulse.


The board includes the following parts:

• 1 RELAY to activate an external device.

• 1 RELAY to activate an external alarm.

• 1 BUZZER to inform the time is running out.

• 1 BUTTON to stop / resume the timer counter.

• 1 CONNECTOR to connect 12V, GND and COIN pulse.

• 1 CONNECTOR to connect a coin acceptor and a bill acceptor.

• 1 CONNECTOR to connecto to external lights (green: on / red: off).

• 1 BUTTON to interrupt the functioning of the timer.


PARAMETERS: Using the 2 buttons that are built into the board, you can set the following parameters.


1) Time (Hours, Minutes and Seconds)

You can program the activation time of the relay number one from 1 second to 24 hours, and all intermediate times. Time is accumulated for each coin / bill that is inserted.

2) Price for coins and bills:

The price of activation can be set between 1 to 20 coins (when using a coin acceptor) and between $1 to $200 when using a bill acceptor.

3) Alarm when time is running out:

An alarm can be programmed to activate relay number two, a certain time before the service is deactivated. Additionally, the board includes a buzzer sounds intermittently. This time is programmable from 1 second to 5 minutes.

4) Counters:

The controller board has a coin/bills counter incorporated that allows you to see how many credits or services were activated. The counter is shown in the same display.








Demonstration Video: