Coin Acceptors


Coin Acceptor DP5




    • Multi coin acceptor able to program up to 12 different currencies.

    • Designed to be mounted in the back part of the door.

    • Accepts all kind of legal coins.

    • Set a maximum price of $20 activation.

    • Configurable pulse width to connect with any kind of machine.

    • Fully user configurable without a computer.

    • Output pulse with 5 or 12 volts.

    • Additional output to connect a digital or electromechanical meter.

    • Includes configuration manual and connection cable required for installation.











Parameters: Diameter of currencies accepted: between 17 mm and 31 mm.

Dimensions: 53 mm (width) X 103 mm (height) X 98 mm (depth)

Weight: 250 grams

Power Supply: 12 Volts +/- 10% (1 Amper minium)


• Includes schema and connection cable required for installation.