Bill Acceptors


Bill Acceptor BV100 (with stacker)




    • Acceptor with stacker for 300, 500 or 800 notes capacity.

    • The stackers are interchangable with each other.

    • Ideal for use in places where money needs to be collected with stacker.

    • Accepts all legal notes.

    • Enable or disable each note independently.

    • Different ways to program the output of the acceptor:

    o PULSE: Set a certain amount of pulses for each note admitted. This mode is commonly used to replace an old coin acceptor or to add a new acceptor to your machine as the vast majority work pulsed standard way (redemption arcade games).

    o SERIAL: Connect your acceptor to the PC or any device that work with serial communication protocol standard RS232.

    o MDB: You can communicate the acceptor with machines that use this communication protocol, widely used in vending machines (soft drinks, snacks, coffee, etc.)








Demonstration Video:




Dimensions: 96 mm (width) X 238 mm (height) X 163 mm (depth)

Weight: 950 grams

Power Supply: 12 Volts +/- 10% (2,5 Amper minium)


• Includes schema and connection cable required for installation.