Compact universal timer





The timer is activated with a single pulse. This pulse can be sent with a button, a coin acceptor, an optic sensor or any other device that sends a single pulse.
Once the pulse is detected, the relay remains on until the timer runs out.The time can be changed with the 8 Dip-Switch that is built into the board. Time is accumulated for each income pulse.


The board includes the following parts:

• 1 RELAY to activate an external device.

• 1 CONNECTOR to connect 12V, GND and COIN pulse.

• 1 BUTTON to interrupt the functioning of the timer.

• 8 DIPSWITCH to set the different parameters of the board (time, price, counters).



• Easy for installation with just 3 cables.

• Compatible with any coin acceptor or bill acceptor.

• Timer can be set between 1 second to 24 hours.

• Output with relay that supports 10 Amper.

• Reduced dimensions: 6,5 cm x 5 cm.


Some of the most common applications:

• Car washes.

• Showers in public toilets.

• Lights on tennis and soccer courts.

• Sunbeds.

• Washers and dryers.

• TVs.

• Treadmills.

• Air conditioners.

• Computers.

• Gaming consoles (XBOX, PlayStation, Wii, etc.)

• And any other service that is marketed by fractions of time and requires a prepayment system.